Speaker Date Topic
Tanya McCready Jun 30, 2021
WinterDance Dog Sled Tours

Winterdance has been around for 21 years now. What started as a dream,

turned into a family business and a lifestyle around their beloved
Siberian huskies, and now welcomes around 2000 guests from around the
globe every winter.
Hank and their huskies have had many adventures from Maine to Alaska
including competing in six 1000-mile races in Alaska and the Yukon.
Out of the many lessons and countless stories from these races, a
corporate presentation was born that focuses on building and leading
great teams through times.
Kim Barry Jul 07, 2021
ALS Society

Kim Barry has been with ALS Canada for 8 years and is the Senior Regional Manager of Client Services. She has directly supported the individuals and families affected by ALS in the Central East Community. She has a degree in Social Work from the University of Manitoba and has had the honor and privilege of helping families navigate the devastating diagnosis of a terminal illness.  


Mark Wafer Jul 14, 2021
Inclusion of the Disabled.
Sabrina Nestor Jul 28, 2021
Nuclear Safety.

Applying Innovation to Decommissioning – Introducing the Center for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS)

In 2020, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) launched the Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS), a hub to bring together industry, community, academia, local business and Indigenous communities to advance innovative and sustainable nuclear lifecycle solutions. OPG is constantly looking to embrace new technologies through innovation, and together with 38 partners, the CCNS is at the forefront of tackling technical challenges, and identifying research and development opportunities that will position Canada as a leader in safe and socially responsible decommissioning.

Mike Shoreman Aug 04, 2021
The Unbalanced PaddleBoarder

Mike Shoreman "the board man" is a fun and personable paddleboarder. On a trip to India, he stands before the Ganges River, and awakens to his passion of inspiring others on the water. He returns home, becomes a professional paddleboard coach, and soon, builds a successful paddleboarding business from the ground up. His dream of sharing his gift with students becomes a reality.One morning, everything changes. A sudden neurological condition called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome wakes him in excruciating pain. With a collapsed face, extreme vertigo, and an inability to walk properly, Mike is devasted that his budding paddleboarding career has come to an abrupt end. Hopelessness and loss enfold him as he is left to grieve his old life. In this heartfelt, raw, and humorous memoir, Mike channels his pain into purpose. Crash and RISE is a story about falling down, getting back up, and stepping bravely into a life that looks nothing like the one we have planned for ourselves. Mike demonstrates what it truly means to crash and rise again by transcending mental and physical limitations in order to share his light with the world. His story reminds us that it is always darkest just before the dawn.

Lorrie Hagen Aug 11, 2021
Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre

The Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre’s mission is to keep children, youth and adults living with type 1 diabetes healthy until a cure is found.

With exponential growth in the past decade and the forecast for the future, we need to expand to accommodate many more patients who will need us in the next decade.

As such, the Building on the Best capital expansion campaign has been launched and we would love to share our progress with your group.




Toju Ogbeide Aug 25, 2021

Toju is an entrepreneur with a background in Computer Science & Management. Toju has great interest in building technology solutions to help tackle everyday problems. He recently developed a mobile app for social good, helping nonprofits/charity organizations raise funds from millennials & Gen Z.  Toju is driven by and has a passion for making a positive impact in the world. He is a member of the Toronto Skyline Rotary club having served as Service Committee Chair. 
Toju will be speaking about 'Turning goods into goodness', and his app Goodszilla concept, success stories till date and how the platform can be leveraged.

Carol Dahlquist Sep 01, 2021
Windreach Farms

Executive Director, Ross Ste-Croix, will provide an overview of the Farm’s programs and services and how the impact of COVID has affected the Farm. He will also talk about how the Farm has navigated all the challenges of the past year and what we are able to currently offer, as well as what else is on tap for the rest of the year, including events and how Rotary may be able to participate.

WindReach Farm Executive Director, Carol Dahlquist, will talk about the impact of COVID on  fundraising,  as well as the current fundraising opportunities and events the Foundation is hosting, including the upcoming golf tournament in August and the virtual gala taking place in September.


Asma Nasir Oct 27, 2021
Classification talk

Your classification talk is an important opportunity for the Club to get to know you better personally and professionally.


This falls under Club Service and Vocation Service. It is the one time you are encouraged to talk about your business at a club meeting, so take advantage of the opportunity!


The points below are suggested to help you formulate what you might like to say. Some may or may not be applicable. The format and content are up to you.


  • Your name
  • Where you were born and grew up
  • Do you have brothers, sisters, and family?
  • Your schools, higher education, and if relevant, degrees, certifications, licenses if any, etc.
  • Your sports and / or hobbies
  • Your early jobs, part-time and full time
  • How and where you met your spouse ( and please include their name)
  • When and where you got married
  • If you have children: their names, ages, interests, etc.
  • Your various moves to the present
  • Your present work
  • Where your work is located, and the nature of your work / business / industry
  • How did you come about choosing this line of work?