Speaker Date Topic
Ian McVey Nov 30, 2022
Durham Greener Homes Program

Ian McVey is the Manager of Sustainability with Durham Region where leads collaborative efforts with local municipalities, energy utilities, academic institutions, industry and community partners to implement programs that help residents and businesses reduce their environmental impact. Ian holds a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from Western University, a Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University.  Ian will be speak about Durham’s low carbon pathway, and some of the key initiatives the Region is leading to transition to a clean energy economy.  His talk will focus particularly on the recently launched Durham Greener Homes program which is helping homeowners across the Region to implement energy efficient renovations.


Gem Munro Dec 07, 2022
Amarok Society

Gem Munro has devoted his life and career to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged people across Canada and abroad.

Pursuit of this objective carried him into residence in unfortunate communities across most of Canada, before carrying him overseas.

He is presently a Director of Amarok Society, a registered Canadian charity that provides education programmes to the very poor in Bangladesh. As well, Gem is a bestselling author and artist whose new book, And Where the Wind Spun Them, follows the epic adventures of a resourceful girl and her courageous little brother who struggle, by wit and grit, to overcome the perils and extreme disadvantages of their lives. (Sale of his books is a major fundraiser for Amarok Society.) For their work, Gem and his wife, Dr Tanyss Munro, were recipients of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals.

No Speaker Dec 14, 2022
Christmas party night before.
No Speaker Dec 21, 2022
Holiday Gift Exchange
Wendy Chan and Janet Gibberson Jan 04, 2023
Teacher Mentors Abroad.

 TMA shall foster professional learning partnerships consisting of a vibrant corps of Canadian educators coupled with identified teachers in project sites. Emerging from each partnership will be improved instructional practices as well as local leadership capable of sustaining a dynamic professional learning community dedicated to ongoing instructional improvement.

Bobby McBride Jan 11, 2023
Bobbys Journey.
No Speaker Jan 18, 2023
Business Meeting
Beth Brannon Jan 25, 2023
Senior Director of Mental Health and Addictions with Lakeridge Health

Each year, Lakeridge Health has more than 100,000 mental health visits for adults, more than 12,000 visits a year for children, and youth, and more than 14,000 visits to our Emergency Departments related to mental health and substance use. And the needs of the people we serve are only growing. We are excited to introduce Together, Best Mental Health – the organization’s three-year plan to address the needs of our communities and deliver a more integrated system of mental health and substance use care in Durham Region.

Purple Tongue Hot Sauce Feb 01, 2023
Purple Tongue Hot Sauce

What started out as a hobby a seven years ago has now turned into a passion, and we established our new brand called


Purple Tongue Hot Sauce in the winter of 2020.

Based out of Ajax, Ontario, we are a proud Canadian company that makes award winning hot sauces. Fire hot...extreme hot! It’s the pleasure of lighting your mouth ablaze that gets us up every morning. And if it excites you enough as well, then we have the sauces that are sure to please!

Choose from 8 different flavours over four different heat levels including our (Mild) award winning Pineapple Soy, (Medium) Carrot & Sun-Dried Tomato and Stout Barbecue. (Hot) Blueberry, Cilantro Lime, Gala Apple Lime, & (Ottawa 2021 "King of Sauces") Honey Garlic, and finally our (Fiery) Ataulfo Mango.

All of our sauces are gluten-free, mostly organic and have no artificial additives or preservatives.

We are just getting started, and are glad you have taken the time to check us out and see what we're up to! Please follow along with us as we grow not only our peppers, but our hot sauce business from the ground up!

What's In A Name

We get this question asked alot, "How'd you come  up with the name for your brand?".

With one look at our dog Sukocchi (aka Mr. CEO) and you will understand.

He has a purple tongue, which is a genetic characteristic of the Chow Chow dog breed, for which he is half. The other half being the Husky breed where he takes almost all of his look from.

A great hot sauce usually beats the pulp out of your tongue, so the name just fit perfectly. So there ya have it...Purple Tongue Hot Sauce!

Was a more fitting choice than the original name "Underbite Hot Sauce", cuz well, ya he has that too :)