Speaker Date Topic
Richard D. Mewhinney Sep 22, 2021
Uganda Irrigation Initiative.
Jillian Best. Sep 29, 2021
Move for Life Foundation

I've recently created the Move for Life Foundation. It fuels my desire to shorten the waitlist for an organ transplant and increase chances of survival, by financially helping transplant programs across Canada to attain what they need to perform as many life saving transplants as possible.


I have a hereditary disease, which required me to need a life saving liver transplant in 2016. Organ donation has played a vital role within my family. My mom would not be here today had she not received 2 life saving liver transplants.

Since my transplant, I have prioritized my health and gone on to compete in swimming at the World Transplant Games where I currently hold 5 world records in my age group!

I most recently trained over the pandemic to swim 52km across Lake Ontario and am so pleased to say that on August 3rd and 4th,  I achieved that dream with a successful and incredible experience.

We have raised just over $130,000 from this event and we are still accepting donations!  Our ultimate goal is to raise $250,000 to purchase a new piece of equipment for the London Health Sciences Centers Multi-Organ Transplant Program.  This equipment will aid in increasing the pool of viable organs that can be used to perform live saving organ transplants at one Canada's leading transplant centers.

   You can learn more at www.moveforlifefoundation.com


Judy Hanson Oct 06, 2021
Autism Home Base
Judy Hanson is the CEO of Autism Home Base, a social club for adults with autism and their families. Judy founded the charity nearly ten years ago when her son aged out of high school. The group has grown to serve 165 members in Durham Region. 
AHB hosts daily social and recreational programs on-line, in the community and at their hub space, one of a handful in Canada that serve autistic adults over age 18. No longer alone, members are connected to a supportive community of peers.
This presentation will explain the work that Autism Home Base does for the Durham Region Community and the unique and diverse needs of those that we serve. I will share stories of how we got started, share experiences of our members, and what the future will look like for our organization.
Cindy Beckett Oct 13, 2021
Humane Society of Durham Region
Asma Nasir Oct 27, 2021
Classification talk

Your classification talk is an important opportunity for the Club to get to know you better personally and professionally.


This falls under Club Service and Vocation Service. It is the one time you are encouraged to talk about your business at a club meeting, so take advantage of the opportunity!


The points below are suggested to help you formulate what you might like to say. Some may or may not be applicable. The format and content are up to you.


  • Your name
  • Where you were born and grew up
  • Do you have brothers, sisters, and family?
  • Your schools, higher education, and if relevant, degrees, certifications, licenses if any, etc.
  • Your sports and / or hobbies
  • Your early jobs, part-time and full time
  • How and where you met your spouse ( and please include their name)
  • When and where you got married
  • If you have children: their names, ages, interests, etc.
  • Your various moves to the present
  • Your present work
  • Where your work is located, and the nature of your work / business / industry
  • How did you come about choosing this line of work?
Johanna De Boer Nov 03, 2021
Classification talk

The following is a rough guideline of a classification talk,


1.      State your name, where you currently work, and what you do there.

2.      Give a brief history of yourself.  This can include where you were born, childhood interests and family statistics, people that had an influence on you, major life events such as schooling or travel.

3.      Talk about your work history, training and education.  This can include why you chose your profession (or perhaps why it chose you).

Bob Jarvest Nov 24, 2021
Dominican Republic Program
Our Rotary club has been working with hands-on projects in the Dominican Republic since 1998. Bob will introduce the club's newer members to our work in the country, and will describe the ongoing projects during the pandemic.