Speaker Date Topic
Amanda Willett May 12, 2021
Rituals for Recovery and Help Her Recover

Rituals to Recovery is an Ontario based non-profit corporation, established with the primary goal of ending human suffering through trauma relief support, holistic care, therapy, healing arts classes, education, and training founded by internationally recognized social innovator, Amanda Willett. Led by trauma informed well-being experts including Willett, RFR’S team members are devoted to being universal agents of change in the trauma recovery and healing arts space. Our multi-talented team provides essential mind, body recovery tools and resources, to manage, cope and survive the aftermath of post-traumatic stress and complex trauma.

Business Meeting May 19, 2021
Business Meeting
Celina Caesar-Chavannes May 26, 2021
Writing a book and life after politics.

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Celina Caesar-Chavannes digs deep into her childhood and her life as a young Black woman entrepreneur and politician, and shows us that effective and humane leaders grow as much from their mistakes and vulnerabilities as from their strengths.

Celina Caesar-Chavannes, already a breaker of boundaries as a Black woman in business, got into politics because she wanted to make a bigger difference in the world. But when she became the first Black person elected to represent the federal riding of Whitby, Ontario, she hadn't really thought about the fact that Ottawa wasn't designed for someone like her.

Asma Nasir Jun 02, 2021
Classification talk

Your classification talk is an important opportunity for the Club to get to know you better personally and professionally.


This falls under Club Service and Vocation Service. It is the one time you are encouraged to talk about your business at a club meeting, so take advantage of the opportunity!


The points below are suggested to help you formulate what you might like to say. Some may or may not be applicable. The format and content are up to you.


  • Your name
  • Where you were born and grew up
  • Do you have brothers, sisters, and family?
  • Your schools, higher education, and if relevant, degrees, certifications, licenses if any, etc.
  • Your sports and / or hobbies
  • Your early jobs, part-time and full time
  • How and where you met your spouse ( and please include their name)
  • When and where you got married
  • If you have children: their names, ages, interests, etc.
  • Your various moves to the present
  • Your present work
  • Where your work is located, and the nature of your work / business / industry
  • How did you come about choosing this line of work?
Valerie Moreton Jun 09, 2021
St Vincents Kitchen Building Project.

Valerie was first involved with Durham Outlook when she volunteered as a high school student. Following high school Valerie developed a strong sense of devotion for the non-profit sector while taking Justice & Criminology at Ontario Tech University. Through her many experiences at Durham Outlook Valerie has developed a deep appreciation on how non-profits seek to improve the quality of life for Durham Region, one program at a time. “We are lucky to work at a place surrounded by volunteers who bring ideas, positive energy, and a beautiful intensity every day.”

Our building at 51 King St East in Oshawa has been our home since the beginning but we have outgrown it. It is

an old building that does not meet accessibility standards, has no parking facilities, has outdated equipment, and is in constant need of costly repairs. Durham Outlook has purchased land and plans for a new building at 227 Simcoe St South in Oshawa. Our new building will be a modern, fully accessible facility that can accommodate our kitchen, store, boardroom and offices. The dining room will be larger in order to feed the increasing number of patrons we are seeing year after year.

Troy White and Jeff Dart Jun 16, 2021
Carea Indigenous programs
Business Meeting Jun 23, 2021
Business Meeting
Tanya McCready Jun 30, 2021
WinterDance Dog Sled Tours

Winterdance has been around for 21 years now. What started as a dream,

turned into a family business and a lifestyle around their beloved
Siberian huskies, and now welcomes around 2000 guests from around the
globe every winter.
Hank and their huskies have had many adventures from Maine to Alaska
including competing in six 1000-mile races in Alaska and the Yukon.
Out of the many lessons and countless stories from these races, a
corporate presentation was born that focuses on building and leading
great teams through times.
Kim Barry Jul 07, 2021
ALS Society
Sabrina Nestor Jul 28, 2021
Nuclear Safety.