Oct 27, 2021
Asma Nasir
Classification talk

Your classification talk is an important opportunity for the Club to get to know you better personally and professionally.


This falls under Club Service and Vocation Service. It is the one time you are encouraged to talk about your business at a club meeting, so take advantage of the opportunity!


The points below are suggested to help you formulate what you might like to say. Some may or may not be applicable. The format and content are up to you.


  • Your name
  • Where you were born and grew up
  • Do you have brothers, sisters, and family?
  • Your schools, higher education, and if relevant, degrees, certifications, licenses if any, etc.
  • Your sports and / or hobbies
  • Your early jobs, part-time and full time
  • How and where you met your spouse ( and please include their name)
  • When and where you got married
  • If you have children: their names, ages, interests, etc.
  • Your various moves to the present
  • Your present work
  • Where your work is located, and the nature of your work / business / industry
  • How did you come about choosing this line of work?