Oct 06, 2021
Jillian Best.
Move for Life Foundation

I've recently created the Move for Life Foundation. It fuels my desire to shorten the waitlist for an organ transplant and increase chances of survival, by financially helping transplant programs across Canada to attain what they need to perform as many life saving transplants as possible.


I have a hereditary disease, which required me to need a life saving liver transplant in 2016. Organ donation has played a vital role within my family. My mom would not be here today had she not received 2 life saving liver transplants.


Since my transplant, I have prioritized my health and gone on to compete in swimming at the World Transplant Games where I currently hold 5 world records in my age group!

I most recently trained over the pandemic to swim 52km across Lake Ontario and am so pleased to say that on August 3rd and 4th,  I achieved that dream with a successful and incredible experience.

We have raised just over $130,000 from this event and we are still accepting donations!  Our ultimate goal is to raise $250,000 to purchase a new piece of equipment for the London Health Sciences Centers Multi-Organ Transplant Program.  This equipment will aid in increasing the pool of viable organs that can be used to perform live saving organ transplants at one Canada's leading transplant centers.

   You can learn more at www.moveforlifefoundation.com