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Elliott's Family Yard
Ashburn, ON

Raindate: Sunday Nov. 11th 1:00 pm. 

Please grab a rake and your tools to help take a load of stress off the Elliott family’s back by helping with general yard clean-up. There are leaves, weeds and wood stacking/clearing that needs to happen.

The Elliott family has had their fall has been turned upside down after their son’s Jacob’s illness. Mom and Dad have been natural superheroes being by J’s bedside and maintaining some sense of normal getting their other 2 children to their rep hockey games. But that leaves little time to get the ordinary things like raking the leaves and yard work done.  Winter is coming. If the leaves remain on the grass the family’s lawn will be non-existence next spring creating another stress and project for the family. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

Once registered I (Janet) will deliver a personal email to you with the family's address to ensure safety and privacy for the family. Jacob’s health is improving daily. His previous health and strength, as well as his personality is helping him tackle the health hurdles in front of him. The family is looking forward to getting into the next stage of the recovery process. The AVM recovery outlook is different for each individual case. His future looks bright surrounded by the love and care of his medical team, his family and his community.