The Whitby Sunrise Rotary Restorations Team has been assembled!
We will be ripping out the damaged floor at  Vicki Kemp's restaurant, 3 Steps Up located at 605 Brock Street North on Saturday, March 14th @ 3:00 PM.
Our tasks will include
  1.  Remove furniture to a safe location, cover with tarps
  2. Seal doorways to kitchen to prevent dust entering cooking area.
  3.  Remove and dispose of water damaged floor, molding and underlay.
  4. Toss it all into an onsite bin on the north side of your store
  5.  Sweep and vacuum floor.
  6.  Clean floor with hot water and cleanser.
  7.  Move furniture back into position.
  8.  Listen to "70s music.
  9.  Share some laughs
We expect about 3 to 4 hours of effort.  If you have some time, please stop in.
Mark Wittgen can be reached at 416 618 0876