WhitbySunrise club member extraordinaire, Steve Rutledge takes pride in helping those who truly need it.  His efforts dramatically affect the children of the tiny village of Hat Kham in Laos.  Although he needs no recognition, the story of how Steve founded the nonprofit organization call "Adopt a Village in Laos" and the impact it has made was highlighted in the August 2015 edition of the Rotarian magazine.  We are very proud of our members, they give BIG, locally in our community, and internationally.  Steve is certainly exceptional with his ability to give and care for others in a country where basic needs are the focus.  In Laos, water + schools = education.  In Laos 1,000 children in remote villages have schooling available because of Adopt a Village.  72.7% of the population in Laos is literate.  62.4% of the population in Laos lives in rural areas.  The tiny village of Hat Kham now has clean water and a toilet bank - children no longer have to spend their day sick and working to collect water.  Because of Steve and Adopt a Village in Laos, they can spend their day learning, growing and giving more to the world then they ever would have without the efforts of Rotarian Steve Rutledge - Great work Steve! Proud to have you as a member of our club.