Dianne McKenzie, Executive Director visited our Club this week to receive a cheque for the proceeds from the Dunk Tank they operated at the Whitby Rotary Ribfest.  Here is what Dianne had to say. 


When a person has two or more unprovoked seizures, he or she is considered to have epilepsy.  Even as one of the most common neurological diseases in Canada after migraine, stroke and Alzheimer’s – epilepsy is among the least understood of all medical conditions.  Complex and chronic epilepsy seizures vary widely in severity, the area of the brain they affect, and their impact on mental and physical activity.  Even controlled seizures can diminish quality of life, often promoting depression and anxiety.  The premature mortality rate for people with epilepsy is 2 to 3 times that of the general population.  Poorly controlled seizures and co-existing health problems make the risk of early death even higher.

Too often, the stigma attached to having epilepsy can mean that those with the condition are marginalized; prevented from participating fully in life; in work; in sport. For many years international associations and grassroots not-for-profit organizations such as Epilepsy Durham Region have been fighting against such prejudice by promoting several anti-discrimination campaigns.

A major cause for a reduced quality of life of people with epilepsy is the prejudice that comes with the disease, mostly due to ignorance about its nature. Image

“On behalf of Epilepsy Durham Region we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your generous donation of $1,788.00.   The Ribfest festivities offers us an opportunity to showcase epilepsy in a fun and safe environment.  Many parents and children approached  us and shared such touching stories .  The volunteers and committee organizers and your club as a whole had direct and immediate impact on the quality of life for many who visited our booth.  It was lovely to see so many smiles.Image

Thank you again for ensuring that epilepsy does matter in our community.  We wish you and your members much success. 

 Dianne McKenzie

Executive Director