During a recent meeting, we were honoured with the presence of Victoria Kehoe from Distress Centre Durham.  During our summer Ribfest, their amazing team cooked and served hotdogs, hamburgers, back bacon and other goodies to the Ribfest guests.  As a result of their hard work, Victoria was presented with a cheque for the proceeds. Victoria taught us about their critical programs including crisis management and suicide prevention services.  



Distress Centre Durham is a 24-helpline that has been serving the Durham Region since 1970. In 2012 we took nearly 8,000 calls from across the Region and provided emotional support, crisis management and suicide prevention services while talking with callers about situations from loneliness and isolation tothe life-threatening. Distress Centre Durham’s core services are provided by approximately 115 trained helpline volunteers who provide round-the-clock coverage.   In 2012 our volunteers saved 18 lives on the helpline – those who were considering suicide as an option. 

In addition to the 24-hour helpline, Distress Centre Durham has a Suicide Survivor Support Program that provides support groups and helpline service to those grieving a loss by suicide, an Adolescent Suicide Awareness Program that speaks to young people in schools about the risk of suicide, and the Prideline, a new helpline formed in cooperation with PFLAG that runs from 6-10pm seven days a week and provides much-needed support to the LGBT community in Durham Region.


          Annual Suicide Prevention Walk (above)