May 15, 2024 7:00 AM
Kamille Shulman
FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder)

Guest of Frank Auddino

Hi my name is Kamille and I have a disability called FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.) 

I was adopted from Russia at 1 year old  and was diagnosed with FASD at age 2. My family has always been very supportive of me when it comes to my FASD diagnosis. From allowing me and my twin sister to learn about our diagnosis at a young age to advocating for our needs whether in school, at doctor appointments or in the community.

Because my parents were so open about my disability I was never ashamed to talk about it with other people. Which I think catches some people off guard because unfortunately FASD is faced with a lot of blame and stigma to the point where no one really wants to talk about it and that's a massive issue because FASD is the leading known cause of developmental disability in the western world.

For the last 6ish years I have watched the disability community be able to branch out especially on social media and share different experiences about living with different types of disability. From wheelchair users, paraplegics, the deaf community, Autism community, ADHD community and many many more.

But the one community that I didn't see was my own disability and that frustrated me. So I decided to start talking about FASD on  platforms like tiktok, Instagram and youtube to try and bring awareness about FASD. So I'm asking for your help. I need support and ideas to help get the conversation of the dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant and FASD, because 1 in 24 Canadians have FASD. That's a very high percentage for disability that's classified medically as preventable.