Dec 12, 2018
Shelia Corneil
Her Book

As a Fitness and Lifestyle Empowerment Coach I have dedicated myself to helping people develop stronger, healthier bodies and mindsets since 1991. The physical body and feelings of health and wellness have a tremendous impact on one’s ability to view life from a positive and empowering perspective.

In the fall of 2014 my dream to become an author came true. I had written a novel 10 years prior during a very dark time in my life. Choosing not to publish it at that time it sat in a sealed envelope. Bringing it to light was scary and challenging but I came to realize that believing in yourself and taking a chance is always worth it. Butterflies Among Us is a book about choices and perspective. It’s about our ability as human beings to decide how we will show up in our lives one day at a time. It’s also a story of how we can take disappointing and sometimes tragic circumstances and turn them into beautiful opportunities to grow. In this fictional story based on many true facts Sarah, the main character, takes her despair and uses it to find a second chance at life.

I believe by taking ownership of your life and your body we are all truly unstoppable. It is my mission to help you do that by deciding that living your best life is the only option.