Apr 11, 2018
The Karate Kid: Gage Madill

My name is Gage Madill. I've been taking karate since I was 7 years old.
I train at ICKF Karate and fitness in Whitby. My sensei is Ed Docherty.
I currently have my junior brown belt and I am 14 years old.
I have been competing in tournaments since I was 8 years old. My karate style is Chit Ryu.
I compete in 2 different tournament styles, bogo tournament and all karate style tournaments.
The bogo style is directly related to my karate style. I am a gold medalist at both the regional and national level.
At the age of 12, I competed in the bogo national tournament in New Brunswick and I won the gold.
The other tournaments I attend implicates all karate styles.  Karate Canada is part of this particular karate circuit.
I finished the 2017 Karate year in first place and currently hold the title of the Ontario provincial champion of my age and weight division.
The year 2020 is going to be the first year in which karate will be part of the Olympics.
I was privileged to represent Canada in the 2017 Junior Pan American Karate Championships in Buenos Aires. 
Although this was my very 1st international competition, I placed 5th out of 19 competitors. I only lost 2 matches and both individuals I lost to won medals (gold and bronze).
I will be competing at the nationals in Nova Scotia in early March 2018. The top 2 competitors of this National tournament will represent Canada in the 2018 Junior Pan American Karate Championships. The destination is unknown at this time.
My ultimate goal is to make it to the Olympics in 2024. I would be 20 years old. In the mean time I will have to put alot of hard work and perseverance into my training.
I know I have set a high standard for myself but from my international experience, I have learned that anything is possible.
I am so very grateful and blessed that your organization has taken the time to consider sponsoring me.
I have a long road a head of me and alot of international travel to gain a certain level of points to represent our great country at the Olympics.
I made the news 4 times last year. Please see this skit. Which was on Chex channel 12 news.
2017 Buenos Aires Argentina
2016 Bogo cup New Brunswick